With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start searching for the perfect venue to share with your beloved. Not every venue is appropriate, though. You’ll want something that ushers in romance and togetherness, without being over-the-top. Here’s what to look for in a Valentine’s Day venue:

Opt for something with a little privacy. Valentine’s Day will see a lot of restaurants jam-packed with couples seeking a little privacy in a public place. Even something that has every table full can feel private, so long as it is spacious, or decorated as to appear so. Whether it walls or the perfectly-placed plant, find somewhere that will allow you to speak to your date without feeling like you’re being snooped on. No Valentine’s diner wants to be eavesdropped on by nosy couples at the next table.

Is the ambiance what you’re searching for? A perfect date can live or die on ambience alone. Here’s an example: If your date adores the ocean, a candlelit dinner at an aquarium may be perfect for your water-loving significant other. For someone who is afraid of anything aquatic, though, the aquarium just won’t cut it. The same goes for anything too stuffy.

Romance can be found anywhere, so long as both parties are able to enjoy and appreciate the ambience. If your date isn’t into uptight, don’t take them somewhere where suits and ties are expected. If your date loves nothing more than slipping into her favorite little black dress, then a venue that specializes in caviar and champagne might be your best bet. The better you understand your partner, the easier it will be to choose a venue that matches their personality.

Stella’s Fish Cafe offers ambience and romance in our spacious restaurant. With views overlooking the heart of uptown, you’re sure to find love while enjoying delicious seafood selections that are shipped fresh everyday. This is one Valentine’s Day venue you’ll never forget. Give us a call to make your reservations!