Romance can be found anywhere, and sometimes home is the perfect place. While restaurants are beautiful and theirĀ conveinenceĀ is undeniable, there’s a sense of control that you can have at home that is very appealing to picky eaters and home chefs alike. If you’re planning the perfect seafood dinner for two, here are some tups that can help it go off without a hitch.

Planning your menu should be both cost and preference conscious. No matter what your budget, there’s seafood fare that will fit your needs. For those who are looking to save a little cash, tilapia or shrimp can be delicious. A fresh shrimp scampi served with angel hair pasta will taste like a visit to your favorite Italian restaurant. Lemon butter tilapia served with fresh spring greens and rice pilaf is a simple and wholesome meal that is sure to delight even the most refined palette.

Next, you’ll need to gather your supplies for setting the mood. Spread a freshly laundered cloth across the table, set out a couple of pillar candles, and put a beautiful bouquet in a vase. For less than $20, you can replicate the setting of your favorite restaurant right at home. Be sure to thoughtfully use lamp light and play your favorite instrumental album to set the mood for romance.

Finally, choose the right wine to match your dish. Shellfish calls for a more delicate white wine, while a darker-fleshed meat, like mackerel can stand up to a white or a red. For strongly flavored fishes, like salmon, you can opt for a pinot noir or even a bright champagne.

For those who want to avoid the hassle of preparing a romantic seafood dinner at home, Stella’s Fish Cafe wants to invite you to dine with us. Our fresh, locally sourced fare can be thoughtfully paired with our extensive wine menu, creating mix and match options that you won’t find anywhere else.