Your Business Matters. Choose Stella’s as your Minneapolis Networking Events Venue.

No matter what type of business you run, it is important to keep up with current information, new technologies or ideas, and emerging trends.  While online sources of information help, it’s well worth attending events in person. Stella’s provides many different rooms for your Minneapolis Networking Events Venue.

Let Stella’s be your next Minneapolis Networking Events VenueTell us about your event and we’ll help you out:

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Attending an event provides two important advantages over simply researching online. Choosing Stella’s as your Minneapolis Networking Events Venue means you’ll have access to:

  • New Leads
  • Business Contacts
  • Thought leaders

First, you may learn important information through stories and case studies presented in a live event that don’t make it online. With an extensive online menu, Stella’s gives you full access to our robust seafood options. You also have the advantage of interacting with the presenters to ask questions, share your own experiences, and hear the experiences of other participants.  These nuggets or ‘ah ha’ moments you may glean from a live event may not “hit” you the same way if you are reading about them on a screen.

At Stella’s, you may meet new people and get re-acquainted with your existing contacts.  This is vital in any business. People like to do business with people they know; if you don’t get to know people, you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities. As a leading Minneapolis Networking Events Venue, Stella’s Fish Cafe provides premium indoor and outdoor locations.

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