Plan your next Minneapolis Happy Hour at Stella’s

Hey Minneapolis, happy hour isn’t about picking one of the town’s best bars or restaurants and devouring everything you possibly can before it ends, only to go back home and never come out again. No, it’s actually about picking a convenient place to grab a drink/snack before heading home from work, or heading out on the town.

Sometimes, we all just need to get a little happy, don’t we? And is there any better way to do it than by getting cheap drinks? From spending time with coworkers to catching up with old college friends, there is almost nothing better than setting aside a night with friends. But, where should you go? There are plenty of places in Minneapolis to meet up for a fun and affordable happy hour! Since the time of old, taverns, bars and pubs have been essential to Minneapolis’s culture. It’s what we’re known the world over for, and we should be proud of it. We know there’s a lot more to this city than just great beer (or whatever you’re eating) but it doesn’t change the fact that everyone – especially in Minneapolis – loves a discount drink and food.

The “happy hour” is a great way to foster community and take a load off after a long day at the office. Some places even have “third-shift” happy hours during the day that cater to those who toil at night (we only found one – tell us if you know of any others!)

At Stella’s, we pride ourselves on having an accessible rooftop, casual-yet-upscale environment, and the best seafood Minneapolis can offer! We offer one of the best Minneapolis happy hour opportunities available. Come check us out! We’d love to have you at Stella’s!

A good Minneapolis Happy Hour not your thing?