One of the most vital choices that you’ll make when planning any event is the venue. With the perfect venue, it’s easy to incorporate the themes and amenities that you are hoping to present to your guests. While there is no one-size-fits-all for all event planners seeking out a Minneapolis event venue, there are some vital features that a good one should include.


Though it seems obvious, you need the venue to be available when your event is happening. If you think that you’ve found the perfect space, it can be frustrating to find out that they are not even open the day or time of the event! This is why it is of the utmost importance to book a venue before sending out information about the event. That way, if the venue is right for you, you can adjust the hours of the event instead of searching for a whole new venue.


Anyone who lives in a metropolitan or urban area knows how frustrating parking can be. Your Minneapolis event venue should be able to accommodate the parking needs of your group. Street side meters and parking garages are often expensive and may deter those who would attend otherwise, especially if the event is particularly long. If your venue does not have parking accommodations, consider a shuttle service or arranging a carpool.


It’s not uncommon to find out that some venues place restrictions on use of vendors not on their approved vendor list. If you’re planning on having your party catered or decorated by an outside source, you’ll need to check what the restrictions are. If the venue is too perfect to pass up, they’ll provide you with reputable contractors that they are willing to work with.

Proximity to Hotels and Accommodations

Friends and family are going to be tired out after your smash-hit event! Make sure that your Minneapolis event venue is near hotels or other accommodations, as this will limit the need for transportation services. It may also give you the chance to enjoy the town surrounding the venue after the event without fear of being too tired to drive back to your room.


Perhaps most importantly, your venue needs to accommodate the number of guests that are expected to arrive. Capacity limits don’t exist to ruin your fun. They are actually the approved limits on the number of people who could safely escape in the event of a fire or other emergency. It’s better to be safe and find a venue that can handle all of your guests.

Whether you’re looking for a wedding space, a corporate space, or any personal event, Stella’s Fish Cafe is a beautiful choice of Minneapolis event venue. With options for both indoors and outdoors areas, as well as views of the uptown skyline, Stella’s Fish Cafe is ready to work with you on your next gathering.