Whether you have event planners or you’re planning your event yourself, finding the perfect venue for your next corporate event can be the biggest, and most expensive, part of the journey. Even the most well-planned event can take on a life of its own if the venue doesn’t fit your needs. Here are the most common uses for Minneapolis corporate event space and how the venue makes all the difference:

Holiday Parties

This should come as no surprise, as December is right around the corner. Corporate holiday parties give everyone the chance to come together as a family to relax, unwind, and enjoy the season. It’s a great way for all employees, from the CEO to sales representatives, to feel appreciated for their hard work that they’ve put in over the last year. Holiday parties do very well in a restaurant venue, as the catering takes care of itself. It’s one less check that you’ll have to write and one less hassle that you’ll have to worry about. Better yet, it offers the opportunities for the festivities to continue, if chosen wisely. If you’re searching for a Minneapolis corporate event space, Stella’s Fish Cafe, in the heart of uptown Minneapolis, is near shopping, pubs, and other attractions that make it the perfect hub to start your festivities.

Seminars and Speakers

These events require a larger space, as they typically attract a huge audience of large and small business owners from all over Minneapolis. These typically take place in an auditorium or theater, where thousands of people can gather together to hear professionals in their field speak about advancements, triumphs, failures, and the like. It’s a great way to implement a new strategy into your workplace, as it allows every person to hear the same information about the same topic.

Team Building

Team building events generally take place in a recreational facility, such as a park, lake, or training courses. These allow teams to come together outside of the work place to grow together, solve problems, and practice their cooperative skills. While some companies solely focus on organizing and building team building activities, there are plenty of spaces in Minneapolis where you can customize and create your own team building event.

Board Meetings

While small board meetings would typically take place at the company’s office, larger ones may require a more centralized venue. That’s why some board meetings take place at a Minneapolis corporate event space. Board meetings allow board members to join together to discuss the company’s progress, stock options, and the what the future holds. These often happen on an annual or semi-annual basis and can turn into multi-day events. Hotels, where everyone can relax, eat, sleep, and meet all in one place are popular options.