Seafood can tantalize and satisfy, especially when it is prepared artfully. Seafood lends itself to a versatility of style and flavor that many other proteins simply can’t provide. In addition, the sheer variety available can be both impressive and overwhelming. If you’re on the lookout for Minneapolis local seafood restaurants, here’s a few tips to get you started:

Find Quality

Though it seems obvious, quality should be your first concern. While the best way to check quality is to try a place for yourself, that may not be possible when you’re looking for a last minute dinner reservation or meeting venue. A great way to check the quality of food is to read the opinions of other people in the Minneapolis area. Don’t be disheartened, though, if you find a couple of bad reviews mixed in with a lot of great reviews. No restaurant can please every patron that walks through its doors. Look for a great overall score, a large number of reviews, and specific tips on what to order. These are all indicative of a restaurant with quality.

Local Flavor

Local seafood restaurants, like Stella’s Fish Cafe, often bring fresh, unique flavors to the table. Whether you prefer a kick of Cajun or Mediterranean medley, none of that will matter if the seafood isn’t fresh. The best way to assure that your fare is fresh is to assure that your servings are local. Local seafood is less likely to have been frozen before preparation, which will give you the chance to taste the tender, delicate flavors that seafood has to offer.

Service and Atmosphere

Each local seafood restaurant in Minneapolis will have a unique personality and part of finding a great place to eat is understanding exactly what you’re looking for. A romantic dinner might not be well-suited for a venue with a live band and a birthday party probably won’t go over well in a candle-lit dining room. Furthermore, the environment often affects the service. If casual servers drive you crazy, no amount of great food is going to make you enjoy the restaurant.

If you’re looking for some local flavor with Cajun flair, Stella’s is the place for you. Our food is fresh, sustainable, and incredible, served in a warm, friendly atmosphere.