Graduating in the winter affords  students and their families unique challenges and opportunities for graduation parties. Winter graduations can be a lot of fun, as you get the chance to be the person who shakes their loved ones out of their winter blues. People are tired of being cooped up to stay warm and will be eager to be around family and friends as they enter the holiday season. But, choosing graduation venues can be challenging.

Unlike a typical May or June graduation, when it’s simple to choose an outdoors venue, the bitter winter winds currently blowing through Minnesota aren’t so kind to these types of parties. Unless you want your attendees wearing mittens, scarves, and long johns, an indoor venue is likely what you’re on the search for.

Graduation venues need to be appropriate for both the age of the graduate and the type of party that you’re hosting. While your child may have loved the local pizza place for their 6th grade graduation, it likely won’t cut it for senior year. For your high school graduate, focus on somewhere that’s accessible for teenagers.

This could include anything from the local ice skating rink to an art studio. You’re going to want the appropriate graduation venue for your high school student to be fun and focused on the interests of your child.

For the college graduate, there’s an expectation for something a little more sophisticated. Restaurant venues are perfect for a college graduate, as they offer everything that a gathering of family and friends needs to celebrate this huge accomplishment. Choosing a restaurant mens that you can forget about choosing caterers and making sure that you have enough chairs. The restaurant graduation venue, like that at Stella’s Fish Cafe, will take care of the necessities, so that you can focus on the fun.

Stella’s Fish Cafe offers options for every celebration, from rooftop karaoke parties to our classic dining room cocktail soirees. Contact us today to book your winter party just in time for the New Year!