For health-conscious diners, a delicious seafood dinner can seem like a tempting cheat. Despite its health benefits, like high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and its extremely low fat content, a restaurant preparation can add empty, unwanted calories. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy fabulous a seafood dinner without breaking your diet or sacrificing taste.

First, choose options that are grilled, broiled, or baked. These are going to have fewer calories than fried or breaded meals. The breading will contain added carbohydrates, while the oils will contribute unnecessary saturated fats. One tasty example is Stella’s Fish Cafe’s blackened swordfish dinner. It’s served with pickled blueberries and shallot, which adds a fresh and flavorful zest.

Once you’ve selected a cooking option, it’s time to talk sauce. Avoid cream- or butter-based sauces. The dairy element adds fat and sodium. Tomato-based sauce is often a safe choice, though there is a danger of it being over-salted. Ask for your sauce on the side to avoid consuming too much sodium. Another healthy choice is vegetable sauces, such as pico de gallo. Often, these are served with little additives and can add a fresh twist to your seafood.

Don’t be afraid to try something new! Dishes like fresh sushi or sashimi will be just as filling as a dish packed with empty calories, but with healthy ingredients like fresh cucumber, creamy avocado, and tender salmon. While everyone loves shrimp scampi and buttery lobster, new options are waiting (and you might find a new favorite)!

Finally, avoid calorie-dense sides, such as potatoes or pasta. Opt for side salads or grilled veggies. If you’ve made smart choices with your main course, you can cheat a little on your sides. Get your brussels sprouts with bacon or your broccoli with creole hollandaise. Your body will thank you for your nutritious choices and your mouth will thank you for making them delicious!

Looking for a tasty seafood dinner in the Twin Cities? Stella’s Fish Cafe offers heart-healthy options for seafood, sushi, and sides without sacrificing flavor.