Super Bowl LII is coming up on February 4, with the Eagles facing off against the Patriots. Many homes around the country will celebrate with a Super Bowl viewing party at their homes. From the food to the fans, everything needs to be decked out for the country’s most anticipated football event. Here’s a few tips to help you get ready for the event:

The Fans

Obviously, you’ll start preparing for your Super Bowl viewing party by inviting your closet friends and family. While you’re sure to have major fans in your circle, remember that some may not be a big watcher of football. Set up a quiet area where people can chat, snack, and step away from the action. If there are small children coming, be sure to shut doors to rooms they’re not allowed in and set out some activities where they can play without getting into mischief.

The Food

While football-themed snacks can be fun, they can also require a level of culinary prowess that can only be found in a magazine. Instead of worrying about goal-line shaped cookies and hamburgers stamped with the Eagles logo, keep it simple. Pop some barbecue meatballs in the slow cooker, fry some wings, and cook up a little spinach-artichoke dip. Invite the other guests to bring a side dish or snack, and you’ll find yourself saving major dough.

The Drinks

Drinks are easy, especially if it’s BYOB. Offer up non-alcoholic drinks, like juice, bottled water, and soda, as well as access to a blender and mixers. Put out ice chests full of ice in the living room, so that your guests never even have to get off the couch to crack open a cold one. Be sure that small children don’t have access to these chests, though!

The Decor

If you’ve got fans of both teams, decorate in both color schemes! It’s easy, especially if you incorporate baked goods. Simply frost cookies with midnight green and red, white, and blue. Make two different plates of cookies and place them on the living room table. You can also use cupcake toppers with the team logos, colored lights, posters of your favorite players, and streamers. Things get easier if everyone’s rooting for the same team!


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