Despite the commercials and advertisements, not all seafood joints are of the same quality. While the chain seafood restaurants might attract those looking to enjoy tried and true classics, great seafood restaurants take what their diners know about the offerings from the ocean and make them incredible. Here’s what goes into making these restaurants amazing:

  • Passion

Anyone can throw some questionable crab legs on an all-you-can-eat buffet or whip up your local chain’s newest version of the same shrimp scampi, but what’s missing from those dishes is the passion and heart that goes into preparing great food. While those dishes can be tasty, once well-salted and soaked in butter, it takes a special person with a true affinity for flavor profiles and palatte-pleasing combinations to elevate your everyday seafood selections. Great seafood restaurants seek out chefs who are dedicated to their craft, beyond the call of duty.

  • Quality

The difference in fresh, locally caught seafood and your supermarket’s frozen fish sticks is night and day. While all seafood has a distinct flavor, it takes quality ingredients to create a meal that shines. All great seafood restaurants know that there are abundant sources of fresh proteins all over the United States and that finding them should be their top priority.

  • Innovation

Just about everyone who has gone out to eat has had the plank-roasted salmon or the coconut shrimp. Undoubtedly, those meals are very tasty, but great seafood restaurants take those beloved classics and build in exciting ingredient combinations that tantalize the tastebuds and take their diners on a flavorful journey. For example, Stella’s Fish Cafe takes your everyday mussels and tops them with fresh garlic, champagne, silky cream, fresh herbs, and adds a kick of red pepper. This is far beyond your everyday steamed shellfish! Even their appetizer choices are one-of-a-kind. Stella’s crab cakes uses only the freshest crab meat, flown in several times a week for optimum flavor. Then, a twist of citrus brightens the richness of the crab, along with a spicy punch from their sriracha vinaigrette. You haven’t had crab cakes until you’ve had Stella’s!