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Congratulations, Grads! December Graduation Venues

Graduating in the winter affords  students and their families unique challenges and opportunities for graduation parties. Winter graduations can be a lot of fun, as you get the chance to be the person who shakes their loved ones out of their winter blues. People are...

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Making the Most of a Seafood Buffet

The holidays mean that we all get the chance to loosen our belts and indulge in the fruits of the season. A wonderful place to take full advantage of these "cheat weeks" is at a fresh, locally-sourced seafood buffet. While some can be less-than-desirable, with food...

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5 Unexpected Party Locations You Should Think About

Planning a major event is a lot of work and a lot of stress, especially if you want your venue to be as unique and fun as your party is going to be! Conference rooms can be stuffy and hotel ballrooms are often overpriced, plus they limit your catering options. If...

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Minneapolis Corporate Event Space: 4 Most Common Uses

Whether you have event planners or you’re planning your event yourself, finding the perfect venue for your next corporate event can be the biggest, and most expensive, part of the journey. Even the most well-planned event can take on a life of its own if the venue...

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Finding Minneapolis Local Seafood Restaurants

Seafood can tantalize and satisfy, especially when it is prepared artfully. Seafood lends itself to a versatility of style and flavor that many other proteins simply can’t provide. In addition, the sheer variety available can be both impressive and overwhelming. If...

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Good Party Venues for Holiday Celebrations in the Twin Cities

The magic of winter is taking hold, as the twinkling lights and sweet scents of the holidays rapidly approach. This creates the perfect atmosphere to celebrate the season with your friends and family in the Twin Cities. There is no shortage of good party venues in the...

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Choosing Your Perfect, Healthy Seafood Dinner

For health-conscious diners, a delicious seafood dinner can seem like a tempting cheat. Despite its health benefits, like high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and its extremely low fat content, a restaurant preparation can add empty, unwanted calories. Fortunately,...

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